How a coach helps you to delight clients and grow

Think about your favorite athlete – how would things be different if they never worked with a coach?  I can help you to reach your potential to grow your business and achieve your personal and professional goals – consider reaching out to explore how we can partner:


Making your clients happy leads to many great outcomes – career growth, financial success for you and your company, while making an impact for your clients. Leaders in client service positions recognize that there’s a lot that must go into delighting customers. As explored in a prior post, the potential for growth oriented partnerships is enhanced when you are credible, perform well, are likable and maintain positive, value-added contact while being easy to transact with.  When considering this, I’m sure that at least a few challenges come to mind for your specific situation.  Working with a coach can help you to delight clients and realize growth by providing 3 benefits:


1. Superpowers Unleashed.  What is your unique edge that makes you exceptional at your work?  What do you NOT enjoy or not perform well at that may be holding you back from realizing your potential?  There are literally hundreds of ways to describe strengths across thinking styles, behavioral traits, and preferences.  Here are some details about 3 assessment tools a coach can provide for you depending on your specific goals: CliftonStrengths, ProfileXT, and Genos Emotional Intelligence.  A coach helps you to understand and bring your superpowers to life in support of your goals given the complexities of your situation.  This tends to boost your credibility, performance, and rapport with others as you make progress in delighting your customers and growing your success.


2. Clear & Confident Execution.  Meeting commitments to your clients requires the ability to execute.  This often means mobilizing people and teams within your sphere of influence to support or deliver part of the service you are providing.  3 ways a coach helps you to execute for your clients are:

  • Strengthening Communication & Influence.  Coaching boosts your confidence and presence while helping your authentic personality and style to shine through for your 1:1 conversations, small group discussions, and public speaking events. Practice, role play, hear feedback and receive advice in a safe environment as a way to prepare for high stakes conversations and events.  A coach can also help you to build a communication and influence campaign that considers the styles and motivations of specific individuals that you need on your side in order to successfully execute. 


  • Creating a plan.  A coach helps you build a realistic and actionable plan that will guide your efforts to reach your goals to grow and delight your customers. Coaching helps you to think comprehensively about risks, opportunities, stakeholders, activities, dependencies, options, pros/cons and possibilities.  


  • Define Vision, Strategy, & Priorities.  What is the “North Star” that will guide how you operate your business or team?  What are the strategic priorities that will direct how money, time, people, and energy will be invested into growing your client base and supporting existing clients?  To what extent are your vision, strategy, and priorities understood and agreed to across your organization?  A coach can help you to clarify these items and develop an approach to drive alignment between strategy and execution.


3. Fulfillment & Balance.  This part is usually not mentioned in training classes.  You most likely have important priorities outside of supporting your clients and outside of work. When any of the following is true, you are most likely not having a good time, and secondarily, probably not delivering your best for your clients:

  • You’re working too much and sleeping too little
  • You don’t see how your work fits into your career or personal success
  • You don’t enjoy working with the people around you (boss, peers, team, clients, etc)
  • You are having a hard time fitting in self care, exercise, fun, or family time into your day

A coach can help you to optimize how you spend your limited time given your personal goals, career objectives, family commitments, and work priorities of the day.


Conclusion.  Consistently delighting your clients and growing your relationship with them is challenging.  A coach can help you to achieve great outcomes for yourself and your clients by helping you to unlock your superpowers, execute with clarity and confidence, and create fulfillment and balance.  Let’s talk about your goals, challenges you are facing and how I can help you!


About the author

Chris Musano has worked for 18 years helping leaders and teams to succeed through high stakes change.  As a consulting executive leader, he has hired and led more than 500 people across 6 countries, run 8-figure P&Ls, and worked with 10+ fortune 500 companies to drive complex change.  Chris is a Certified Executive Coach and entrepreneurial investor that has founded 3 startup businesses.  He lives in Charlotte NC, USA and helps clients all over the world to build impact, clarity, and influence in reaching their goals.  Consider reaching out!  Learn more at