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What is Coaching?

What if you could take a step back and invest in yourself – to hone your A Game and excel at work in balance with your life? Executive coaching allows you to step out of the daily grind to visualize the best version of yourself, and build an actionable plan to get there. Our coaching programs are highly personalized, though at the core, typically include these key ingredients:


Insights & guidance from someone who has successfully walked your path


A credible sounding board and safe space to gain clarity & focus


Growth of leadership skills and safe practice for applying them


Action oriented planning to keep you on track for measurable results

Think about your favorite athlete - where would they be without a coach? What could you achieve with a coach?

What are the Benefits of Having a Coach?

Helping you to level-up leadership skills, reach new career milestones, and find balance between work and life.  In practice, this could mean:

  • Getting promoted
  • Success in a stretch role
  • Leading change
  • Leading and influencing others
  • Improving time management
  • Clarifying vision
  • Enhancing professional brand
  • Building executive presence
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Improving collaboration
  • Setting team vision and goals
  • Establishing career vision and roadmap
  • Building communication skills
  • …a broad range of other topics

Working with a coach results in career and personal rewards

Career Rewards
  • Higher pay
  • Promotion to the next level
  • Greater respect from colleges
  • Improved engagement & job satisfaction
  • Making a greater impact
Personal Rewards
  • Greater overall happiness & satisfaction
  • Less stress and better health
  • More time for family & personal interests
  • More clarify & focus
  • Personal growth

How Does This Work?

A Flexible, adaptable, safe, and confidential process

1) Goal Setting & Scoping

  • Desired outcomes
  • How to measure progress
  • Scope & boundaries

2) Measurement & Planning

  • Gather relevant data (KPIs, 360 feedback, behavioral, other)
  • Build the plan to reach your goals

3) Forward Progress

  • Coaching toward goals
  • Solve situational challenges
  • Learn tools that accelerate progress

Frequently Asked Questions


You will be a great fit as a client if you:

  • Are committed to your growth and development
  • Have a high stakes situation to ahead of you where success results in a great impact for your career and life
  • Are willing and able to make a financial investment in your success
  • Are willing to be engaged, open, and honest with a coach in a safe and confidential setting

My clients are often…

  • Executives seeking promotion, stepping into a stretch role, or navigating complex change
  • People with high potential seeking to reach the next career milestone
  • Entrepreneurs who must build a team, set direction, and thrive in a challenging environment
  • Technical leads and practitioners seeking to develop leadership presence and soft skills
  • Those with a desire to find a better balance between work, family, and personal lives
  • People navigating career change and transition

Interested in learning more?  Set up time to discuss any questions you have, share your goals, and explore if we would be a good fit to work together.  Link to my calendar.

A few words that describe my philosophy:  Client Centered, Safe, Credible, Actionable, Empathetic

Your situation, style, preferences, and gifts are unique.  You deserve a tailored coaching experience that builds your confidence, makes you feel heard, and moves you towards your goals in an actionable, measurable way.

NO. It is true that open ended questions are a useful tool for evoking clarity and shifting focus to the things that matter to you.  This is a key component of the coaching experience.  That said, sometimes a constructive challenge or introducing new ideas into your thinking results in the breakthrough you need.

I bring the tools that are most useful for moving your forward.  Sometimes this includes helping you to focus on the right questions, giving you ideas, providing feedback on work products, role playing, brainstorming, insights through style & behavioral assessments, serving as a sounding board, or a number of other tools & techniques.

Coaching and therapy have certain things in common though have fundamental differences.  Therapy seeks to provide healing from trauma and provide context into the past.  Coaching focuses on behaviors and actions that can be taken in the present and future to maximize success based on your goals.  The coaching I provide is not therapy.

I would welcome you as a  coaching client if your goals include stress reduction, improving work/life balance, overcoming overwhelm, or working with difficult people. 

If you’re interested, you can schedule time with me to ask any questions you have, share your goals, and explore if we would be a good fit to work together.

Here’s a link to set up time

Investment & Return

You should expect your coaching engagement to be tailored to your goals, preferences, and constraints.  This means every coaching experience is unique and fees very accordingly.  The range of fees is in line with typical executive coaching fees.  I offer significant discounts to those self-funding this investment.

Clients often see a 5-10x return on their investment, though the specifics depend on the goals you are receiving coaching for.   

Financial returns often accompany being promoted or succeeding in a new role at work.  From a personal perspective, coaching often returns the investment to you through improved job satisfaction, better work/life balance, reduced stress and improved focus.

Take The Next Step

Set up an informal meeting to ask questions, share your goals, and explore if we're a fit!